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Upstairs Sitting RoomUpstairs Sitting Rooms are quite rare in houses of the Georgian period.


This would have been a family room – notice the wide floor boards made of North American Sugar Pine.  Also please note the Georgian painted fireplace. 


If you look closely at the floor boards, you may notice a few small squares of board that look like “plugs”, this is where internal dividing walls were installed as needed during the rooms years of use.



If you look through the side window you may be able to catch a glimpse of Michael Byrne’s younger brother Charles’ house – Richmond Villa, which is a much more modest house.




This room is called "The Bursill Room" we honour long time Glenalvon residents from the Bursill family by displaying items from family members.  On the left, drawings of four generations of the family.












Displayed on the mantel are Bursill family photos.

















A view into the master bedroom through the Bursill sitting room.    On display are items of clothing from Bursill family members.














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