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The Master BedroomThis room is furnished in Art Deco style (1930’s) in memory of Dr William Mawson, who served the people of Campbelltown for about 30 years.  He lived and practised for some of that period at Glenalvon.  Dr Mawson was the brother of Antarctic explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson.


The glass in the windows at Glenalvon is the largest size pane that could be made in 1840.  You will notice that some panes appear to have faults in them – these are original and came out in the hold of a sailing ship from England or Ireland.


Look out of the side window and see how tall the Cook’s Pine tree is – this is one of our marker trees – visible from a long distance to direct travellers to the house.   There is also a tall palm tree visible from the right front window.


If you look at the line of hills above the modern shops you can imagine what it would have been like to wake up in this room to the peaceful view.













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