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The Childrens RoomGlenalvon had three bedrooms – 2 bedrooms and the Nursery – Michael Byrne and his wife, Jane Warby had three surviving children while they lived here – another three died as babies.  The next family, the Keighran's had 15 children – so the house was quite crowded at times.


You will notice that the maid had to get down on hands and knees to clean the ashes out of the fireplace.


The furniture in this room is from the Victorian period.


Look out of the window – the small square stone construction behind the roses is the well from the days before Campbelltown had running water.  The building under the peppercorn tree was actually the smokehouse, for curing meat and fish in the days before refrigeration.


The first building on the left is the original cottage (circa 1831), the Servant’s Quarters.  The middle building was the coach house, with the stables behind.  Further down the garden is the custom built Agricultural Exhibition Shed.


The current land area is ½ acre but the original grant was double that.  There would have been a vegetable garden, fruit trees (such as the fig tree), chickens, a cow, and a privy down the back.


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